BSG 1978 - Pilot's Uniform

BSG 1978 - Pilot's Uniform


Battlestar Galactica I (1978) - Pilot's Uniform - Uniform of pilot of Viper in the Colonial Fleet: deerskin jacket, complete with patch and pins; under jackets embroidered and decorated.
It is possible to buy only the jacket with the undershirt inside, rank and insigna, or the complete uniform with pants.


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Handmade italian costumes: high scenic effect, is suitable for conventions of Battlestar Galactica. The model of this page is the pilot's uniform, used by Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck in the BSG I season.
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Mixed fabrics
Pure wool

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Usually it is enough to provide the height and size in the order; however, in case of non-compliant sizes, it is possible to integrate them with your personal measures noted on a size-chart, attached here.