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  • Lucius Sextius - Roman soldier costume for sale, with armor in genuine leather and relief muscles.Tunic in pure wool and cloak with fringed fastened with metal studs.

    490,00 €
  • Appius Claudius - Anatomical roman armor in genuine leather, with decorative details in golden metal. Decorative fringes (pteruges) decorated; complete with tunic decorated with trimmings and wool cloak, fastened by metal medallions in the shape of a lion. On the chest is placed the typical Roman imperial eagle, in golden metal.

    930,00 €
  • Quintilius - Costume of Deputy Attorney Quintilius: front/rear muscolade armour in genuine leather; fringes made of natural leather too.Wool red tunic adorned with trimmings and cloak blocked by twice metal medallion.On the chest a meduse's head in metal.

    840,00 €
  • Pontius Pilate - Governor of Judaea - Costume consisting of a wide and long white wool tunic, with central purple red band, decorated with precious golden braids. Above the tunic there's a toga praetexta bordered with a red band, a symbol of authority and power: used by consuls, senators, priests, magistrates and the highest offices of the Republic and...

    480,00 €
  • Longinus - Roman armor front/rear made of natural leather, with frontal decorative fringes. Helmet in natural pigmented leather, equipped with red horsehair. Decorated woolen tunic and fringed mantle, stopped on shoulder with metal medallions.

    980,00 €
  • Roman male tunics -Valerio Handcrafted costumes: roman tunics with stole, decorated with trimmings. You can choose fabric (pure wool or cotton) and color of the stole.

    210,00 €
  • Roman tunic wit toga - Marcus Tullius Cicero. The male models shown on this page are made from a heavy cotton tunic, decorated with rich trimmings.The bordered toga, draped in various styles, is stopped on the shoulder by a metal medallion.

    320,00 €
  • Calpurnia - Reproduction of a dress inspired by Calpurnia Pisone, Julius Caesar's last wife.Costume made up of decorated tunic, wrapped in stole, stopped on the shoulder with an antiqued medallion; necklace, and vintage hairstyle.

    430,00 €
  • Sandals of ancient Rome, for men and women, with leather upper and leather sole. Complete with anti-slip.It's possible to choose the tint: available in light leather and dark leather.

    65,00 €
  • Footwear typical of the roman legionnaires, made in genuine leather, with metal studs under the sole.

    80,00 €
  • Calcei (calceus) are narrow ankle boots with laces, with leather upper covering the whole foot and leather sole without heel. Complete with anti-slip.Available in classic leather or red (calceus patricius) for patricians, consuls and high public offices; black for senators (calceus senatorius).

    110,00 €
  • The Coturno are official boots, with leather upper and leather sole. Equipped with a lapel in lighter leather, on which is placed a lion head. Complete with anti-slip.It's possible to choose the tint: available in brown, light leather, amaranth, mustard yellow (suede).

    130,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items