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  • Santa Claus standard costume - Santa Claus handmade costume in woolen cloth. Composed of a lined jacket, with fur cuffs and waistcoat in cotton; trousers, decorated hat and eco-leather belt.

    330,00 €
  • Santa Claus vintage costume - Handmade costume in woolen cloth. Composed of wool cloth jacket, decorated with Christmas motifs; sleeves in ecological fur, decorated hat, trousers and leather belt with metal buckle. On request: waistcoat, overboots, beard and wig, gloves, glasses, gift bag.

    360,00 €
  • Santa Claus lapp costume - Santa Claus special edition in Lapland: professional costume made in high quality wool fabrics. Consisting of long decorated jacket, pants, vest, cap.

    490,00 €
  • Santa Claus (Deluxe edition) - Professional costume, made of long decorated jacket, hooded, trousers, cloak, additional decorated hat and leather belt. Optional variation: you can replace the trousers with a woolen overalls with fur buttons and decorated shirt (€ 90.00 extra).

    480,00 €
  • Christmas Santa's Elf professional quality costume - Consisting of jacket with raised seams, pants, pointy hat with pom-poms and a belt with a bag.

    370,00 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items