Clothing in ancient Rome

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  • Roman male tunics -Valerio Handcrafted costumes: roman tunics with stole, decorated with trimmings. You can choose fabric (pure wool or cotton) and color of the stole.

    210,00 €
  • Roman tunic wit toga - Marcus Tullius Cicero. The male models shown on this page are made from a heavy cotton tunic, decorated with rich trimmings.The bordered toga, draped in various styles, is stopped on the shoulder by a metal medallion.

    320,00 €
  • Calpurnia - Reproduction of a dress inspired by Calpurnia Pisone, Julius Caesar's last wife.Costume made up of decorated tunic, wrapped in stole, stopped on the shoulder with an antiqued medallion; necklace, and vintage hairstyle.

    430,00 €
  • Roman handmaid - Aurelia Reproduction of a typical dress of handmaid/slave in ancient Rome. Composed of a tunic stuck to the shoulder by a pair of antique metal medallions.

    230,00 €
  • Roman Empress - Reproduction of Annie Aurelia Galeria Lucilla, daughter of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Composed of a tunic stopped by two antiqued medallions. A pattern embellished with golden bracelets and decorated stole.

    320,00 €
  • Claudia Procula - Reproduction of a typical dress of a woman belonging to the Roman patrician class. Composed of a low-cut and embroidered dress, stopping at the shoulder by two antique metal medallions. Jewel brooch positioned on the breast.

    260,00 €
  • Emperor Trajan - Reproduction of the dress inspired by the Roman Emperor Marco Ulpio Trajan. Costume composed of tunic and decorated stole, complete with a gilded medallion with a red stone embossed and laurel crown.

    460,00 €
  • Pontius Pilate - Governor of Judaea - Costume consisting of a wide and long white wool tunic, with central purple red band, decorated with precious golden braids. Above the tunic there's a toga praetexta bordered with a red band, a symbol of authority and power: used by consuls, senators, priests, magistrates and the highest offices of the Republic and...

    480,00 €
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items